Inquire Investigative Services schedule of fees

1. Investigation and Surveillance services are invoiced at an hourly rate. A fee for travel time and mileage is also invoiced, when appropriate.

2. Court time is invoiced at an hourly rate, as is travel time and mileage. When applicable, meals and lodging are on an "at cost" basis.

3. Expert Witness services, either at deposition or at trial, are invoiced at an hourly rate with a minimum fee for those services.

4. Administrative fees for such items as the following are invoiced as quoted:

(a) Additional reports
(b) Additional photographs
(c) Additional cassette tapes
(d) Additional video tapes

5. Travel expenses such as the following are invoiced on an "at cost" basis.

(a) Air travel
(b) Parking, bridge and expressway fees
(c) Rental Car

6. Other costs, including "out of pocket expenses," are itemized on invoiced format. They include but are not limited to the following:

(a) Public document and certified document reproduction
(b) Tips and or gratuities

7. Data Based Services are invoiced on an "as quoted" basis

Note: All services are presented on an "Activity and Expense Log" format. Once again, there is no charge for initial consultation and all retainer fees are applied to the Invoice for Professional Services.